Yuri Satoshi

The Captain of the Guard


A dark-haired human from the city of Illytrus. A marshall, Yuri excels at commanding the soldiers around him, focusing on tactics and skill rather than pure brute force. He is the captain of Herid’s guard, and a close personal friend of Jalil.


Yuri was born in Illytrus in not long after Reynosa conquered the city. Due to complications, his mother did not live long after his birth, and his father, a high-ranking military officer in the Illytrian army, died shortly after in an uprising by the native people. Yuri had no family in the area, and spent most of his youth in an orphanage.

Despite being Reynosan by birth, Yuri deeply identifies with the Illytrian people. At the age of 9, was adopted by Ryo Umarika and was raised as a brother to Jalil, Ryo’s son. Following in his father’s footsteps, he joined the Illytrian army, where his natural skill and talent for command quickly developed. After two decades of service, Yuri left the military at the behest of Jalil shortly after the latter ascended to the position of Minister Enlightened in Herid, where he was a natural fit for Captain of the Guard and Grand Marshall of the Heridian army.

Yuri Satoshi

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