Uvalde Slim

Pussy Destroyer


Two Handed Weapons
Death by a 1000 cuts
Doesn’t give a shit
Likes to fuck shit up
Likes to get hypnotized and paralyzed at the same time
Sometimes he is a pussy
Not as big as a Pussy as Jaia
Jaia is a huge pussy
Has not met Abed yet but will probably think he’s a pussy as well

Uvalde Slim used to be a WWE fighter. He sucked ass. He got fired. Now he’s just doing what it takes to survive. Living off the land and doing mercenary shit. He’s upset that his smash piece Whoricane Catrina is dead. She was such a whore. Now he’s gonna have to find someone else to smash. Grog scares him because Grog keeps telling him “Grog smash.” Hopefully he’s talking about a different type of smashing.

Uvalde Slim

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