Tayler Swift (Quick)

Godslaying Valor Bard


Born in year 462 YC in Ys’Mur
Bitchin’ ass voice
Has the best music video
The swankiest pirate in all the land
Plays the triangle in her off-time
Come at me bitch
Randall’s lover


When Tayler was a child, her fugitive parents made sure that she never truly had a home. Stealing what they could, and never staying in one place long enough to get caught, Tayler wondered if this was all that life was. Her parents did their best to make sure she was never wanting, but something was always missing. Their way of life kept improving, as they went from mere beggars to living like wandering nobles after a lucrative contract conning a young prince. This came with a price, as the noble family sent bounty hunter after bounty hunter tailing the family. Her parents never had time to show her love after that, her mother always watching their back as her father conned his way forward. One fateful night on a ship the hunters found them, and flaming arrows falling from the sky made sure that the ship could do nothing but sink to Davy Jones’ locker. Her parents, knowing that all three of them couldn’t survive, gave the only thing they never stole to their daughter, a magical amulet. As her parents sank with the ship, the amulet gave her the strength to survive. Hanging onto a plank of wood and praying the hunters didn’t see her, she waited day and night for someone to help her. On her third day at see, a passing ship saw her, and she weakly called out to them. On that ship were Randall and the now king Vaughn. Since that day she has sworn allegiance to the king, and found the one thing she never had, a purpose. Her relationship with Randall grew, and is currently heartbroken over his suicide, committing herself to the new cause of wiping out the undead scourge, so that another life is never lost to hopelessness.

Tayler Swift (Quick)

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