Randell Orden

The Prince's Protector


A human warrior from Garul, Randell lives to fulfill his duty. As a Biskmatar, he has been trained from a young age to be a bodyguard for royalty. Stout of build and fleet of foot, Randell is unmistakably a martial individual.


Randell grew up in the Shattered Isles, in the Free City of Garul. His parents recognized his obvious skill with a sword at an early age, and begged the Garul army to train him as a warrior. He quickly rose through the ranks of the students, and at the age of 12 was selected to train as a Biskmatar. After a grueling ten years of training, he graduated from the academy as a full-fledged Biskmatar, and was assigned to protect the son of Herid’s king, Roland Baines.

Training day and night for most of his life has left Randell little time for hobbies or pursuits not anchored in his job. He lives only for his ward, and his greatest fear is being alive if Roland is not.

Randell Orden

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