King Vaughn Baines

The King of Herid


Vaughn is a powerfully built young man, dark haired, but with flecks of his father’s distinct red hair. He is a talented swordsman, though he has no taste for war.


Vaughn Baines, Ninth King in the line of Baines, Son of Garran, Descendent of Cyrus the Embermage, Defender of the Coast of Bones, Ruler of the Seas of Cyrus, Wielder of the Holy Flame, and Master of Those Forgotten, is the current king of the Independent City of Herid. He is the Ninth in a direct line of kings descended from the hero Cyrus.

Though his ancestors are known for their particular affinity for fire magic, Vaughn himself was born with no talent for magic. Taking pity on his son, Garran, Eighth King in the line of Baines, created the Flametongue, a magic sword said to possess a fire elemental bound to the ruby gem inlaid in the hilt. Although Vaughn has not had occasion to use the mighty sword, his skills in political maneuvering and the looming threat of his family’s long history of martial prowess has kept the kingdom from being involved in anything more than a border skirmish in the twenty years since his rule began.

King Vaughn Baines

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