Jalil Umarika

The Minister Enlightened of Herid


Jalil is a wiry half-elf who was born in the city of Illytrus. As a druid, he has a deep connection to the wind and waters of the Coast of Bones. His light skin is often sunburned due to the temperate weather of the western coast. He is 62 years old, born on the year that the Reynosan Empire’s occupation of Illytrus began.


Growing up as a noble in the Empire-controlled city of Illytrus is a great way to develop two things: a haughty sense of superiority and a deep seated hatred for anything non-empire. Luckily for Jalil, he had Yuri to keep him honest and grounded. As youths, the two often fought about the treatment of Illytrians, with Yuri often besting the young noble in their war of words.

As a man, Jalil was chosen to represent Illytrian interests in the capital city of Reynosa. There, he met Iwa Riyazaku, a Reynosa Druid and Special Adviser to the Emperor. Jalil spent years learning from his mentor about the path of the druid, as well as the finer points of court intrigue.

Eventually, Jalil returned to the city of his birth. After meeting the former king of Herid, Garran, Jalil was recruited to run Garran’s sons council. With his knowledge of the inner workings of Reynosan politics, and his steadfast belief that the Reynosan way is not the only path to a good life, Jalil was a perfect candidate to run the only country on the continent actively resisting the Empire’s reach. Taking his old friend Yuri along of the ride, Jalil has spent the last twenty years

Jalil Umarika

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