Garran Baines

The Former King of Herid


A tall, broad-shouldered man who, when younger, was easily identified by his shock red hair. Supposedly the strongest fire mage in the area since Cyrus’ passing centuries ago. At 81 years old, Garran is one of the few humans in the area who remembers a time before the Reynosan Empire rose to power.


Garran is the father of the sitting king of Herid. He peacefully stepped down when his son came of age to further pursue his study of magic. He often visits the castle to consult with the king, and his words still carry the weight of his years wearing the crown.

Although a prophet for peace in the his old age, Garran was responsible for much strife in the region while he was younger. His mastery of fire sorcery and hot temper led to a war with the neighboring city of Boellum, causing its eventual downfall as a sovereign nation and absorption into the newly founded Empire.

Garran Baines

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