Longdick Crusades

The Road So Far

  • The Mercenary company "The Longdicks" was enlisted by the king of Herid, Vaughn Baines to find the court magician who had stolen something from the castle
  • The team left the city and headed towards the woods

    • After an encounter or two, ended up in a cave inhabited by undead monsters

      • Found the magician, who killed himself in a fiery explosion
      • Found the son of the king, throat slit in front of a mirrored altar
  • The group returned to the city, encountering some bears

    • While traveling, ran into several thousands of people heading away from the city
    • Party was stopped at the city gates by guards letting no-one in or out
  • Convinced the guards to let them into the city, gates closing behind them
  • The party weaved its way through a city overrun by horrid undead

    • Made their way to the gates of the castle, guarded by Yuri and other castle guards

      • Yuri died
    • Successfully defended the city gates against a horde of undead, were allowed into the castle
  • Party rested, in anticipation of meeting the king in the morning.



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